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Making Stories

Making Stories Issue 12- Art Nouveau *PRE-ORDER*

Making Stories Issue 12- Art Nouveau *PRE-ORDER*

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Theme: Art Nouveau

PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre order for Making Stories Autunm/Winter edition. The magazines release date is 4th September and you can collect your copy in store or it will be posted to you just before the 4th. Pre-orders close on the 30th June.

12 knitwear patterns with intentional, intricate details, joyful, layerable, exuberant in their exploration of Art Nouveau and yet grounded so you can wear them every day.

Let’s wander the streets of Brussels and Paris, searching for the hidden architectural Art Nouveau gems – houses, doors, windows, street lamps. Let’s explore Berlin’s Jugendstil tile art, marvelling at the colors and shapes taking form.

Let’s get lost in the work of water color artists, glass blowers, jewellers, embroidery artists, and myriads more, who dive into the shapes and curves of plants and flowers, moving, flowing, mirroring.

Designs by…

Agata Mackiewicz, Anni Howard, Carly Bauer, Christie Wareham-Norfolk, Elena Dimchevska, Helen Metcalfe, Jule Kebelmann, Laura Barker, Makenzie Alvarez, Marina Skua, Natalie Sheldon, and Sabine Gschwind

Who’s behind Making Stories Magazine?

Making Stories GmbH is an independent knitwear design publisher, owned by Hanna Lisa Haferkamp who runs it together with her small, kick-ass team. 

We believe in choosing to use resources and capacities, be they human, environmental, social or financial, in a way that can be sustained in the long run. We believe in being aware of and actively reflecting on all parts of our (work) process and communicating them openly and honestly. We believe in treating all living beings involved in our work fairly, respectfully and lovingly and in caring about and for their physical and mental well-being. We believe in not discriminating against anyone based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, health, physical appearance, economic situation, education or any other factor, being mindful of what that means for their lives and their stories and working towards a world where everyone is free to create the life they wish to live. 

Making Stories are one of the last independent knitting magazines left and are facing an uncertain future. You can read more in their recent blog post here:

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